Come Aboard!

Admit it: there's a little bit of pirate hiding away in all of us, whether it's the sea-swagger you showcase as you strut down Broadway, the extra Rs you slip into everyday phrases, the full-fledged pirate beard you're rocking or even the skull and crossbones motif emblazoned on your woolly, winter mitts.

Well, it's time to stand proud and let your true colors fly, fellow pirates! Find the best pirate fashion around New York, snap some photos and share them on Flickr with the tag "TreasureIsleNYC" Don't use Flickr? Ye can also share your photos on Facebook, tweet them to @TreasureIsleNYC or e-mail them to

Avast! Here are some perfectly pirate-y photos your fellow TREASURE ISLAND fans have uploaded so far… fer the pirate in yer own soul, of course!

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